Internet users are becoming more aware of the need to see an "https" prefix in their address bar, or the padlock icon on their browser when they submit personal information. Without these indicators of security, they are far less likely to take action. An SSL certificate enables your website to be able to accept and transmit confidential information securely over an encrypted Internet connection. This provides you with the means to take payment and accept sensitive information. You'll want one if you have an online store, collect sensitive data, allow others to log in to view information, want to ensure customers they're avoiding phishing scams or other problems, or if you are required to comply with privacy and security regulations. Comodo has a well-earned reputation in the Web Security industry. With leading customer care and technical support, they provide you with the ability to display a special icon on your page informing visitors that your site is secure. It always has a guarantee warranty and insurance up to $250,000.00 They guarantee their security. It doesn't get any better than that. NOTE: A Dedicated IP is required to add a SSL certificate.