Websites can be vulnerable to attacks by hackers. While keeping software up-to-date is a good defense, services that also monitor and protect your website is a more effective approach. SiteLock offers a range of products to ensure your website is always safe from malware and other malicious attacks.


Daily Malware Scans
Malware Protection Prevents hackers from using your website to distribute virus infected software to your visitors. SiteLock scans your site daily for problems.

Automated Malware Removal
Available in the "Fix" and "Prevent" plans, SiteLock SMART technology(Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) regularly and automatcially removes malware.

Web Application Scanning
Outdated applications are the most popular way for criminals to gain access to your website and data. SiteLock application scanning checks all your your programs to verify they are up to date.

BlackList Monitoring
Protect your website from landing on search engine blacklists with active monitoring and reputation management

Official Verified Badge
Prove to customers that you're a trusted legitimate source. Verify your business e-mail, phone number, address and display SiteLock Badge on your site.